Wellcome to DeepNano Group at University of Glasgow

DeepNano Group was founded at the University of Glasgow and it is led by Prof. Vihar Georigiev. The focus of the group is to conduct research in modelling and simulations areas of electronic devices by combining not only analytical and numerical approaches but also machine learning and artificial intelligence methods.

The DeepNano Group research activities are focused on the modelling and simulation of nanoscale devices for advanced optoelectronics, biosensors and quantum applications. Our projects are in collaboration with leading experimental groups, such as IBM, STMicroelectronics, IMEC, Synopsys and Synopsys QuantumATK. Our group collaborates with academic groups not only in UK but also from USA, China, South Korea, India, Japan, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Germany and Bulgaria. We are supporting open science practices and we are happy to collaborate with everyone interested in our work.